Magic Kingdom

Here you will find a great overview of what our kingdom has to offer. A world full of rainbows, sunshine and without sugar and dreadful calories. Join us in our mission #nosugarmission and help us make this world sweeter without the use of sugar.

These two flavors are the best the organic world has to offer. Entire families are thrilled and are completely thankful for our sugar- and caloriefree alternative.  

Our Iced Teas with a Sportscap are ideal for outdoor adventures, Thanks to our flustix cooperation the texture of our bottles are 100% recycelt (plastic). 

Organic Herbal Teas

Especially little ones that have problems falling asleep: our organic herbal teas with a pinch of lavender and chamomile help you doze off into a quite and calm night.

Herbal teas often help with relaxation: so we decided to start the day relaxed and end it relaxed as well. "Guten Morgen" is a herbal tea that makes you want to start your day in complete harmony. "Guten Abend" thereas helps you doze off itno a quite and calm night.

Organic Fruit teas with a pinch of sweetness

Our unique combination of fruity ingredients and an extra dose of love make our organic fruit teas taste as enchanting as they smell.